Fragola Hose Fittings

Fragola Hose Fittings

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We stock  hoses and fittings from -3 to -20.

We have over 3000 fittings and 200m of hose in stock

Feeling that the marketplace was under-serviced, and the quality was slipping, Frank Fragola set out to build a better part as he did with his other company, F.K. Bearings.
Rather than following the standard practice of dip-brazing the hose ends together, Frank devised a one-peice "billet" hose end, that in just 6 years has seen fragola grow to be a serious competitor of the established brands.
They now have over 1800 parts available and supply performance plumbing fittings to many US race teams including Budweiser and Roush.

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